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Silent Witness Exhibit

Silent Witness Exhibit

The Silent Witness Exhibit is dedicated to further reducing violence against women and children. The silhouettes honor and represent women and children who were murdered in acts of domestic violence in North Dakota.

Witnesses are red because it is the color of life's blood and the symbol of humanity's unity beyond race, creed or culture. Shields have been placed over the witnesses' hearts - the rhythm of life.

The Silent Witness Exhibit promotes healing and peace in committed relationships by connecting victims with local resources for ending violence, raising community awareness of domestic violence, and encouraging community action to end societal violence.

The Silent Witness Exhibit is a project of Living On. To view the brochure Click Here
For more information about sponsoring this exhibit in your community please contact Dana at 701 or 888-255-6240 or Email


These silhouettes are dedicated to our
sisters, mothers, aunts, friends, daughters, neighbors,
whose lives ended
violently at the hands of a husband,
ex-husband, partner, or acquaintance in North Dakota. We recognize not only each death, but
each life.

The Silent Witness display is a project of Living On. It has been funded in part by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and constructed by volunteers in North Dakota. For information about sponsoring this exhibit in your community, contact the Coalition office at 701-255-6240.