Living On

Living On is a support network for family and friends of victims of domestic violence homicides. This includes all families affected by a North Dakota homicide and families living in North Dakota who lost a loved one in another state.

Living On began in January 2004 as a result of a domestic violence homicide in rural Cogswell, ND. Tina Dunker was killed by her boyfriend and father of her 3 children in February 2001. Because of this murder, family members had to educate themselves quickly on funeral planning, trial procedures, and child custody issues. In most cases, surviving families have never dealt with these issues and in small rural communities resources are not readily available to make this tragic event easier. Becky Dunker, Tina's sister in law, witnessed first hand the pitfalls of dealing with a domestic violence homicide and in collaboration with the North Dakota Council on Abused Women's Services Executive Director created Living On.

The Purpose of Living On is to assist families and friends who have been affected by a violent homicide and to promote continued awareness of domestic violence.

Services Provided:

  • Compassion
  • Someone to talk to
  • Financial assistance on a case by case basis to attend trial proceedings
  • Victim Advocacy (ex. companionship in the courtroom)
  • Liaison to resources (counseling, legal system process, social services system, prison system,etc.)
  • Source of ongoing support (shawls, cards, memorials, prison release follow up information)
  • Domestic violence homicides can and do happen in North Dakota. Because this is not a common occurrence, those affected do not always get the assistance or information they need to deal with the situation. Living On Brochure

    Projects within Living On:

    Sheila's Shawls - Shawls are provided to family and friends as a source of comfort and support. If you or anyone you know has been affected by a domestic violence homicide, please contact Becky and a shawl will be sent to you. For more information on Sheila's Shawls visit this website

    ND Silent Witness Silhouettes Exibit - There are 36 life size silhouettes that have been built and are being used in this state. They display the names of North Dakota women and men who have died as a result of domestic violence. To read more about how the silhouettes were started and how they are used across the nation, go to the silent witness website

    If you would like to use the silhouettes to promote awareness in your business, church, school or organization, they are available to display. Contact Dana at 701 or 888-255-6240 or Email

    Living On Celebration - An annual event where family and friends can gather to share their memories, obtain knowledge about domestic violence, and create memorials. An Autumn Gold Maple has been planted in Jaycee Park in Bismarck in honor of domestic violence homicide victims. The Living On Celebration is usually held in the fall in Bismarck.

    Facebook - A facebook page was created in January 2009 to continue to promote awareness about domestic violence homicides and Living On's existence. To visit the Living On facebook page Click Here

    Ways to become involved:

  • Share this website and information with someone who would like assistance.
  • Donate money for postage to send shawls and cards.
  • Become a member of Living On's facebook page and invite new members.
  • Knit or Crochet a shawl. For patterns Click Here

    For more information on this project, or to receive support contact Becky at 701 or 888-255-6240 or Email